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Ashley & Kyle

Where do I begin? This day was beautiful in every detail from beginning up until the end. I captured the most images at this wedding than ever before and that is saying something. Then I had to go through them all and decide which ones would stay, not an easy task in itself.

These images are a mere glimpse of the entire day.  Ashley & Kyle were fantastic to work with and I think it shows in their images. They set enough time aside for us to not only capture a bunch of images at St.Andrew’s Cathedral where they were married.  We also went to the Ford Museum, the Civic Auditorium , the Amway Hotel and then spent time on the property at Cascade Country Club. It was a photographer’s dream.


Brooke & Zack

I had the honor of capturing Brooke’s sisters wedding a few years ago. So when they asked me to join the family again for another celebration, I was thrilled. Even though it poured rain throughout the day….Brooke & Zack did not let it dampen their day in the slightest bit. These two are fantastic together.  I met Zack on the day of the wedding, but knew I instantly they were made for each other. Their day was full of joy and personality. I still think they had one of the sweetest first looks I have had the honoring of capturing. These two get giddy over each other and it is infectious. This entire family has a special place in my heart.

I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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Olga & Kirill

Who says a courthouse wedding has to be boring? When these two contacted me about capturing their wedding at the courthouse and then going around the East Lansing/Lansing area for their pictures on a Thursday I was intrigued. I am so glad I was able to spend the day with them and capture these moments. Since they were both from other countries and their families weren’t able to attend the wedding, their pictures were very important to them.

A lot of times when I shoot weddings on the weekends there are time constraints and we don’t always get to stop at as many locations as we would like. What was unique about this event we was we could go anywhere our hearts desired and take all the pictures we wanted.  Big smile on my face that day.


Carissa & MD

We were so lucky on Carissa & MD’s wedding day. Rain sprinkled here and there, but it was nothing like the weatherman predicted. We had the perfect venue for everyone to get ready at though. The Cheney Place is such a great location both inside and out. The industrial feel with wood floors and high loft ceilings made for a perfect backdrop for family pictures because we did not want to chance it in the rain. The colorful exterior walls and railroad tracks were fantastic for the bridal party pictures and close enough for us to dash inside when it started to drizzle.  Add pretty pink touches throughout the day and you have one beautiful wedding.

I could feel instantly the connection between these two and documenting their love was an honor.



Britta & Joe

These two are fantastic together. They had a few things go wrong the week leading up to their wedding, but they had the best attitude and in the end it all worked out great. We had perfect weather that day and were able to take full advantage of our time downtown for pictures. We ended the night at the McKay Ballroom. We improvised on the photobooth backdrop and used the fantastic wallpaper already at McKay to add a dramatic pop to the already adorable props Britta found.

I wish nothing but the best for this terrific couple and their families.


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Kendra & Devin

We had big ideas of flowering tress and apple orchards for their spring wedding, but when the day came we were just grateful it wasn’t raining.

So what do you do when trees are bare and nothing is in bloom yet? Go downtown and visit some of your favorite walls for cool backdrops.

I had too much fun with this group….they were up for anything. Love it!

I wish nothing but the best for these two!


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Karen & CJ’s White Winter Wedding

Karen & CJ are a fantastic couple that are up for anything.  Their wedding took place during one of the many artic blast snowstorms this winter.

Even the extreme weather conditions did not get them down. All they could do was think about was marrying each other.  My heart melted.


Their ceremony took place in the City Flats Ballroom…which is gorgeous by the way. Between the hugh ceilings, detailed arches and beautifully

tiled floor; everywhere you turned was a beautiful backdrop waiting to be captured.  You would never guess it was snowing as much as it was

by looking at some of the outside images. Thank goodness for heated sidewalks! We popped into the Amway Hotel lobby for a few pics

before we headed to EVE for the reception.  Since we were smack dab in the middle of winter and the days were short,

we had decided to do a post wedding session the following week. We even went icing skating…. seriously, love these two.


I know there is a risk having your wedding in the winter and a lot of things did change last minute due to the extreme weather condition.

Once the guests arrived and these two bacame Mr. & Mrs. …all you could do was see the beauty as their beginning began to unfold

in this White Winter Wonderland.


All the best and many blessed years together!




_MG_4976ashleyavilaphoto 1_blog.jpg

1920’s Style Wedding in Chicago

I love Chicago and actually called it home for several years right after I graduated from college. So when friends, Whitney & Jared, asked me to shoot their 1920’s inspired wedding down in the windy city, I did not hesitate to say yes. What a photogenic city to be the backdrop for a beautiful couple on their big day.

The ceremony was held at the Holy Name Cathedral. One word. Breathtaking. We tried to get as many pictures done before the ceremony because as luck has it, the clocks were set back an hour the week before. So when the ceremony started at 4pm, we knew they would be leaving as the new Mr. & Mrs. in the glow of the street lights. With that being said, we took full advantage of the city’s lights and my handy strobe light. Thanks to my husband/assistant/guest who kept the winds from stealing away my softbox which seemed more like a sail than a light when the winds kicked up.

Always up for a challenge…. we went to the Chicago Theatre sign, the Kidney Bean at Millennium Park and street shots on the Magnificent Mile. Thank goodness the reception was the Knickerbocker Hotel right off Michigan Avenue so we could conquer it all in an hour. The Knickerbocker Hotel has it’s own story to tell. Built in 1927 and home of the famed Crystal Ballroom which features a built-in illuminated dance floor. What a prefect place to have their wedding reception and great way to end to their beautiful day.




3 redone

4 redone




8 redone

9 redone

Jackie & Brock

Two young school teachers in love…it doesn’t get any better.

What do you do when the bride and groom want pictures downtown Grand Rapids during ArtPrize? Go to your favorite spots on the

outskirts of town and have fun! We went by a landscaped wall for a bridal shot. I didn’t expect the bridal party to go on all 3 levels.

Funny enough, the bridesmaids are the ones who made this shot happen.

We finished right before the reception by taking pictures on the golf course and railroad tracks at Thornapple Pointe.

There are so many more images to go through and post. Love it!

Congrats you two!


Jackie & Brock sneaks 1

Jackie & Brock sneaks 2


Sara & Mark

On top of Crystal Mountain at sunset is where Sara & Mark’s families became one.

What a gorgeous setting for a wedding in September. I love being part of such happiness.

It was overcast and sprinkling all day until right before the ceremony. Perfect.

Here’s to your happily ever after!

Sara & Mark sneaks 1

Sara & Mark peaks 2