Reasons to Consider Having Your Wedding During the Winter

Whenever you think of a wedding, you usually assume it will take place sometime in the summer months right along with all the other weddings. Sometimes you might even have two you are supposed to attend on the same day. If you are recently engaged and want an event that is a little different, you might consider choosing a date sometime after turkey day and before everyone starts going on spring break.

~One of the best reasons….you have a better chance to get your dream venue. If you marry in the summer, many times you need to book a year or two out to ensure you will be able to get into the location you want.

~Sometimes venues will offer an off-season discount. Prices tend to come down a bit after the peak months which are usually May- November. Venues are not as busy and seem to be able to accommodate any special requests a little easier.

~Winter themes are a fun twist on a wedding. Not only do you have a different palette of colors to pick from, but so many Christmas/Winter details to throw in at a moments notice.

~Your guests will enjoy a break from the winter blahs. Especially if you choose January through March, not much ever seems to happen during these months.

~You will WANT to take your honeymoon right after the wedding. If you are getting married in the Midwest…there is no reason to miss out on the few warm months we have. A new trend I have noticed is a couple getting married in the summer and then opting to wait to take their honeymoon in the winter. Throwing a winter wedding…. you are more likely to jump on the first plane you can to get you out of the snow. Just think of all the anniversaries you can celebrate in warm locations.

~In the end… your images are what you are going to look at for years to come. Your pictures will stand out from some of your traditional summer wedding pictures. Granted I love summer weddings, but there is something to be said about getting married in a winter wonderland. If you do it up right…throw a faux fur wrap around your shoulders for warmth/glam and brave it out in the cold for at least a little while…your pictures can be breathtaking.

Check out this recent winter wedding I shot.


bride on steps at JW Marriot

bridal shoes with Christmas ornaments

bridesmaids with bride & Christmas tree at JW Marriot

groomsmen at home on Reeds Lake

groomsmen walking at home on Reeds Lake

bride in front Amway Grand Plaza

Christmas wedding at Fountain St. church

bride & groom kissing by Christmas tree in front of GRAM

bride & groom dancing at Goei Center with jingle bell favors

bride & groom kissing in front of the GRAM





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