I apologize for not keeping up with my blogs and social media towards the end of last year.

2012 was a big year for me both personally and professionally. Not only was it the first year of being

a mom…but a mom of insanely active twin boys who I adore. Friends of mine thought I was crazy for maintaining

my hectic work schedule going into my first year of “momhood”. I totally agree now…..phew!

I had the busiest wedding season to date in 2012. I photographed 21 weddings with 3 of them out of state.

I feel blessed for all the wonderful people I know and the opportunities I am given.

I continue to shoot for Cosmopolitan  Home of West Michigan magazine and grow my business with builders and designers the area.

Photographing people is what lead me into this crazy, beautiful life of  being a photographer and I will never let that go.

With that in mind… I am also in the middle of  building an official studio in the space I have been occupying for the last few years.

Finally, right?!

I am about to launch a new website and plan on having  more of an online presence once again.

As I jump back into the mix of everything, I just want to thank everyone who has continued to support me throughout the years as I

follow my love of photography.


Here’s to embracing moments both large and small.



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