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the Darlings and their Dog

I have a special place in my heart for this family. Their name says it all. I am honored to call them friends. They wanted a quick sunset family portrait with their pet and it was the perfect night to capture a few special moments between a dog and his family.


Jackie & Brock

Two young school teachers in love…it doesn’t get any better.

What do you do when the bride and groom want pictures downtown Grand Rapids during ArtPrize? Go to your favorite spots on the

outskirts of town and have fun! We went by a landscaped wall for a bridal shot. I didn’t expect the bridal party to go on all 3 levels.

Funny enough, the bridesmaids are the ones who made this shot happen.

We finished right before the reception by taking pictures on the golf course and railroad tracks at Thornapple Pointe.

There are so many more images to go through and post. Love it!

Congrats you two!


Jackie & Brock sneaks 1

Jackie & Brock sneaks 2