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Ashley & Kyle

Where do I begin? This day was beautiful in every detail from beginning up until the end. I captured the most images at this wedding than ever before and that is saying something. Then I had to go through them all and decide which ones would stay, not an easy task in itself.

These images are a mere glimpse of the entire day.  Ashley & Kyle were fantastic to work with and I think it shows in their images. They set enough time aside for us to not only capture a bunch of images at St.Andrew’s Cathedral where they were married.  We also went to the Ford Museum, the Civic Auditorium , the Amway Hotel and then spent time on the property at Cascade Country Club. It was a photographer’s dream.


Carissa & MD

We were so lucky on Carissa & MD’s wedding day. Rain sprinkled here and there, but it was nothing like the weatherman predicted. We had the perfect venue for everyone to get ready at though. The Cheney Place is such a great location both inside and out. The industrial feel with wood floors and high loft ceilings made for a perfect backdrop for family pictures because we did not want to chance it in the rain. The colorful exterior walls and railroad tracks were fantastic for the bridal party pictures and close enough for us to dash inside when it started to drizzle.  Add pretty pink touches throughout the day and you have one beautiful wedding.

I could feel instantly the connection between these two and documenting their love was an honor.



Britta & Joe

These two are fantastic together. They had a few things go wrong the week leading up to their wedding, but they had the best attitude and in the end it all worked out great. We had perfect weather that day and were able to take full advantage of our time downtown for pictures. We ended the night at the McKay Ballroom. We improvised on the photobooth backdrop and used the fantastic wallpaper already at McKay to add a dramatic pop to the already adorable props Britta found.

I wish nothing but the best for this terrific couple and their families.


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Kendra & Devin

We had big ideas of flowering tress and apple orchards for their spring wedding, but when the day came we were just grateful it wasn’t raining.

So what do you do when trees are bare and nothing is in bloom yet? Go downtown and visit some of your favorite walls for cool backdrops.

I had too much fun with this group….they were up for anything. Love it!

I wish nothing but the best for these two!


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Stacey & Ellison

Ummm….this wedding was so much fun!

It is totally on trend to have a barn reception these days, but this couple is the real deal. They held their reception on their own farm in one

of their big, old, beautiful barns. They even drove a tractor train from the ceremony to their reception. Men and their tractors…I don’t

think I have ever had so many groomsmen request pictures. Ha! Love it!

We even took pictures in a field of corn Ellison planted. Everything had so much meaning, which I always love.

Here’s to many beautiful years together!


Stacey & Ellison sneaks 1

Stacey sneaks 2 no top